About Us

Turbospeeds by Super Systems Inc. is the most reliable and efficient way to test the speed and performance of your internet connection speed.

It’s our goal to help users located in distant locations to help with their speed test on all different types of devices.

Our commitment to providing transparency in finding the performance of networks is what drives us.

When your internet seems slow, an internet speed test is one of the tools that you will need to troubleshoot just what is causing the sluggish performance. A speed test is essentially an internet speed meter that gives you an actual reading on how fast your computer is downloading and uploading data to the internet.

Having these concrete measurements is important, because slow download and upload speeds may point to an issue with your internet service provider, or potentially a router problem. On the other hand, if a speed test reveals that your internet speeds are normal, this can indicate that there may be an issue with the website you are trying to access, or that perhaps your internet speeds aren’t great enough to support the type of browsing that you do.

Internet speed tests are easy to perform, take just a few seconds, and are free to run with Turbospeeds.