How Does The Internet Speed Test work?

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We are an impatient generation that hates waiting. Be it waiting in a queue to board a bus, or waiting at the checkout counter of a supermarket store to pay for our purchase, delays test our patience. While most of us hate waiting to be served, we understand and accept the server’s limitation, however, there are a few things that we all loathe and consider unacceptable. A slow internet is among these things. If your Internet moves at a snail’s speed, you need to have hard data before confronting your ISP. Conducting an internet speed test can help you learn everything you want to know about your connection’s speed.

Most speed tests reveal the client system’s upload and download speed. Some even reveal the latency. So, how are the tests that reveal the system’s upload and download speed conducted? Let’s take a look.

Download speed: When you take a speed test, the speed test site’s server establishes multiple connections with your system sending data chunks. To calculate the download speed, the server analyzes the real-time speed of the transfer. The test is conducted for a specific amount of time.

Upload speed: To calculate the upload speed, the speed test website’s server requests the test system to send data. The server then calculates the speed of the transfer.

Latency: To measure latency, the test system sends a message to the speed test website’s server. After receiving the message, the server sends it back to the test system. Measured in milliseconds, the round trip time is defined as latency.

Some Tips to Get Accurate Results: The accuracy of test results varies depending on a number of factors such as your location, your activity, and the traffic at the time of the test. Though getting 100 percent accurate results is theoretically impossible, you can take a few steps to get as accurate results as possible.

  1. Before taking the test, restart your modem, browser, and system.
  2. Clear your browser cache.
  3. Do not use the Internet for any other activity such as streaming music or downloading patches.

After taking the speed test, compare the results with the speed claimed by your ISP. If you find a huge gap between the two, call the customer care cell to get the issue addressed.

Test your broadband download & upload speeds with Turbo Speed’s ‘internet speedometer’ which is an amazing speed test technology. Now, resolve your internet router speed issues to make your browsing experience amazing!

Test your broadband download & upload speeds with Turbo Speed’s ‘internet speedometer’ which is an amazing speed test technology. Now, resolve your internet router speed issues to make your browsing experience amazing!

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